Celebrating Human Rights Day 2019 and the culmination of the 16 Days Activism Against Gender Based Violence

LWF Country Office staff 2019 on WHD

LWF is fully taking advantage of the opening of the civil society space and the enabling legislative environment it fosters to openly discuss human rights related issues within LWF as well as with partners since the promulgation of the new Civil Society Organizations Law, No. 1113/2019 in March 2019.

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a peer review mechanism of the United Nations Human Rights Council that was established in 2006 by the UN General Assembly resolution 60/251 whereby every State is reviewed by other States once every four and a half years on a regular basis. The UPR periodically examines the human rights performance of all 193 UN Member States.

Ethiopia was reviewed for the first and second time in 2009 and 2014 respectively; and this year (in May 2019) the third cycle of UPR Ethiopia has taken place.   On December the 6th 2019, LWF Ethiopia in collaboration with the Centre for Human Rights of the Addis Ababa University organized a sensitization workshop in Addis Ababa. The purpose of the workshop is to support the implementation of the accepted recommendations, LWF and Addis Ababa University Human Rights Center. The workshop targeted the key stakeholders including, representatives of the regional state governments, line ministries and other bodies of the federal government, universities as well as the CSOs. During the workshop the accepted recommendations were presented/introduced by experts and the participants discussed on the presentations. The discussion focused on how to implement the recommendations and the responsibilities of the different stakeholders. The participants underlined the need to organize similar workshops at regional level to increase awareness of the government stakeholders in the regional states.

 On Tuesday December 10 2019, LWF Ethiopia organized a half day workshop to celebrate World Humanitarian Day (WHD) and the culmination of the 16 Days Activism against Gender Based Violence. LWF took the opportunity to conduct trainings and awareness raising around the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and implications on our work and on the individual person as well as around the Ethiopian Constitution and human rights-related provisions in it.  It also conducted training in Gender Justice and Diversity and a short overview of the LWF Gender Justice Policy.  

The fact that this day was also the day that our Prime Minister was receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo was not lost on anyone. Congratulations Dr. Abiy! Thank you for widening the civil society space that allows CSOs to fully exercise their mandate.

The event was brought to a close with the recognition of three LWF staffs as 2019 Gender Champion, Best Team Spirit and as well as Best/Safe Driver!