LWF Ethiopia sitrep March 2016

"Ethiopia is currently contending with one of the most serious climatic shocks in recorded history with ten million people facing lost of harvests and livestock as well as severe water shortages and health crisis. We are launching this campaign to advocate for increased funding commensurate with the scale and severety of the crisis," the words of Ms Ahunna Eziakonwa-Onuchie, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Ethiopia summing up the current situation and response to it. Ms Eziakonwa-Onuchie was highlighting the fact that even though USD 758 million out of the USD 1,4 billion appeal have been received from the Ethiopian Government and the international community, unless more support is received, development gains made over the last decades will be at risk and exacerbated by unintended consequences if the Government is forced to divert further funding to the response.

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